Ductless Mini-Splits

Do you have an addition, office, garage or other living space that doesn’t have ducting installed? In the past, pretty much the only way to heat and cool such places was by using noisy window and floor units. The noise almost wasn’t worth the comfort! Now things have changed. With a ductless mini-split system you can enjoy quiet, efficient comfort in any living space.

How a Ductless Mini-Split System Works

They’re called mini-splits because they follow the model of their big brothers. An air conditioner or heat pump is located outside, and an indoor air handler is located inside. So what’s the difference? The ductless air handler is small, and mounted on the wall or recessed in the ceiling. A ductless air handler is designed to condition the air in a specific living space.

Ductless for Multiple Rooms

A ductless mini-split system can also provide comfort for multiple rooms. The air conditioner or heat pump can be sized to support multiple indoor air handlers. This gives you room by room comfort control that simply wasn’t possible in the past without ducting. The air handlers are controlled via a wireless remote.

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